Pearl Jam
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Pearl Jam
Released 2006
Recorded Unknown
Length Unknown
Label J Records
Producer Unknown

Pearl Jam, also known as The Avocado Album, is the eighth album by Pearl Jam, released by on May 6, 2006 by J Records. The album was the end of one of the greatest gaps without records of the band's life, having its starting work on 2004 and only ending two years later. The album is an aggressive, social critic and classical Pearl Jam work and was widely accepted by fans and was a commercial success.


While continuing a cooperative work to write the songs, Pearl Jam produced the album that marked the end of the longest gap on the band's life. Often attributed to personal events, like Eddie becoming a father and touring through North and South America, this gap has started since the times of Riot Act and began with many improvements. One of them was the change of label, since J Records was chosen to produce and release the album.

Composing the songs was described to be a colective work, with all band members coming to the studio with demos, something similar to what happened on Vs. production, when they also made an album while touring. The album addressed aggressive, scientific, objective, and most social critic since Ten. Among the songs, war, life changes and fear of them, powerless, drug and alcohol abuse, critic to religion, national army, unemployment, and two special songs, "Come Back"  and "Inside Job". The first is a tribute to Johnny Ramone and all members of the Ramones and the second is the first song lyrically and musically developed by Mike McCready. The album is colder than the previous one, that even critic of the then current political, existential and social reality, could not be so objective as Avocado. Also, the songs follow a first perspective view of the protagonist, really pushing all the meanings next to the listener and building a story-like album.


  1. Life Wasted
  2. World Wide Suicide
  3. Comatose
  4. Severed Hand
  5. Marker In The Sand
  6. Parachutes
  7. Unemployable
  8. Big Wave
  9. Gone
  10. Wasted Reprise
  11. Army Reserve
  12. Come Back
  13. Inside Job

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  • Jeff Ament – bass guitar
  • Matt Cameron – drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Stone Gossard – guitar
  • Mike McCready – guitar
  • Eddie Vedder – Lead vocals, guitar, layout and design; credited as "Jerome Turner" for album concept
  • Fernando Apodaca – art and sculpture, disc design
  • John Burton, Sam Hofstedt – engineering
  • Boom Gaspar – Hammond B3, piano, pump organ
  • Adam Kasper – production, recording, mixing
  • Gregg Keplinger, Aaron Mlasko, Steve Rinkov – drum technicians
  • Brad Klausen – cover photographs, layout and design
  • Jason Mueller – artistic facilitater, disc design
  • Pearl Jam – production
  • George Webb – guitar technician
  • Gary Westlake – optigan