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My Father's Son (2013)

"My Father's Son" is the third song from Pearl Jam's tenth album, Lightning BoltThe song was first played on Buffalo, New York, 12 October, 2013 and it was composed by Eddie VedderJeff Ament and Mike McCready.


A common background on the band's poetry, once again Pearl Jam, and specially Eddie, play on the relation between father and son. The protagonist admits his father was a genius, but also a psycopath, and since he inherited his genes, he is the next in line. He is also not proud of his mother, who "never got a top dollar", but despite this, the song would never exist. All this ancestry gets him desperated, bound to fail, coming from two people that couldn't give him a genetic future, and he asks himself if he can quit all of this thing by his own will, being a "volunteer amputee".

Maybe inspired by the same personal conversation that was present in Alive, it is implied another dialogue between a lost son and a father that never existed, this time changing the family members. Also implying artificial insemination that generated this son, the real father left his family in regret of them.

The protagonist seems very hurt, with wounds unhealed by the unforgettable hide of his father. After some time, once again resembling Alive, his father died and now there are no lifetime connections with father and son, the latter being free to be himself. With all the worng things he inherited, now he must build his own legacy and admits "sailing" by his own on life.

Music & LyricsEdit

I come from genius and I am my father's son

Too bad he was a psychopath 

And now I'm the next in line
Then there's dear mother, yeh shirley

She's a work of art

Never got top dollar, but she gave us all our start

Can I get a reprieve?

This gene pool drowning me

Can I get a release?

I'm a volunteer amputee

From the moment I fail

I call on DNA

Why such betrayal?

Got me tooth and nail

Yeh, How's about one conversation

With nothing else left to be had?

With this your young long lost son

And his never had dear old dad

Forget the insemination

And for that, I'm supposed to be glad?

  What a pity you left us so soon

To climb your mountain of regret

Can I get a reprieve?

This gene pool dark and deep

Can I get a release?

Can I volunteer amputee

From the moment I fail

I call on DNA

Why such betrayal?

I gotta set sail

All the bright lights shining

  As you're trying to breathe in thin air

Cannot forget your hiding

Collected wounds left unhealed
When every thought you're thinking 
Sinks you darker than a new moon sky 
Far away lights rising 
In the whites of your eyes 

Now father you're dead and gone 
And I'm finally free to be me 
Thanks for all your fucked-up gifts
For which I got no sympathy

Now I'm living in a war torn place
Hear the bombs, a 5th Symphony
Thanks for this and thanks for that 
I gotta let go legacy

Can I get a reprieve?
This gene pool drowning me 
Can I beg a release?
Can I volunteer amputee
From the moment I fail
I call on DNA 
Why such betrayal?
I gotta set sail

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