"MFC" is a song by Pearl Jam present on their fifth album, Yield. The lyrics and the song were both written by Eddie Vedder and was placed as the ninth song of the album.


The song addresses the feeling of getting out of the problems into speed, like driving a car without exact direction, forgetting time and life. MFC, that stands for Mini Fast Car, resembles the same action present on Rearviewmirror. The protagonist just changes her direction and goes on a straight line on her car, by the sunset, leaving everything behind and in a metaphor of her past being left on high speed on the side of the road, and resembling spilled wine.

Besides, this action of leave is not to ignore, but to change behavior, just like the protagonist once had a time denied, but now she's out on her own, building her own luck. The line "We've disappeared" can be the end of the line, the affirmative that everything will end, because there's no leaving from life, but also is related to the fact the protagonist disappear on the straight street line, evoluting on her life positions.

Realizing that MFC is taking a car, going into a straight street line and overcoming past and denied positions to build a new luck, the cover of the album fits perfectly on this meaning. Also, Jeff Ament said about the cover "how cool to have a yield sign where there's nothing to yield to", and MFC is someone yielding to a chance to reconstruct and placing to something that has already passed on its right place.

Music & LyricsEdit

Pearl Jam - MFC

Pearl Jam - MFC

Sliding out of reverse into drive, this
Wheel will be turning right, then straight
Off in the sunset she'll ride
She can remember a time denied, stood by
Side of the road, spilled like wine, now
She's out on her own and line high

There's no leaving here
Ask, I'm an ear
She's disappeared

They said timing was everything, made him
Want to be everywhere, there's a
Lot to be said for nowhere

There's no leaving here
Ask, I'm an ear
WeÒve disappeared
There's no leaving here
Ask, I'm an ear
Fuck it, we'll disappear