"Last Exit" is the first song from Pearl Jam's third album, Vitalogy. The song is a clear reference to the moment the band was passing through and a hint of their exile.


The song opens Vitalogy as an angry but also lively composition and early on sings about how fame open lives and ruin them by turning them into marketing. The protagonist shows hurry and says that will let the ocean dissolve way his past. After a little time, no one will remember his existence. During the song, lots of metaphores lead to the understanding of running away and letting natural things destroy what's left of the person, just like the sun and the oceans (references do Eddie's surf passion). Closing the song, the protagonist insistis that he's going under a strong decision of being depersonalized because, out of desperation, this is his last exit for survive.

Music & LyricsEdit

Pearl Jam - Last Exit

Pearl Jam - Last Exit

Lives opened and trashed
Look ma, watch me crash
No time to question
Why'd nothing last
Grasp and hold on
We're dying fast
Soon be over
And I will relent

Let the ocean swell dissolve way my past
Three days and maybe longer
Won't even know I've left

Under your tongue I'm like a tab
I will give you
What you're not supposed to have
Under my breath I swear by sin
For better or for worse
A best we began

Let the sun climb, oh burn way my mask
Three days and maybe longer
Shed my skin at last
Shed, shed...

Let the sun shine burn way my mask
Three days and maybe longer
Won't ever find me here

Let the ocean dissolve way my past
Four days and not much longer...

Let my spirit pass. Ooh...
This is, this is
This is, this is
This is, this is
This is, this is
My last exit